Mercury Retrograde


Ah Mercury, the oh-so-intelligent Planet of Communication. When a planet is retrograde, it is essentially asleep at the wheel.

Your train gets delayed. Your Wi-Fi goes out right as you’re submitting your paper. Your text to your boyfriend, Ben, gets sent to your boss, Beth.

Want to master Mercury Retrograde? Plan ahead, over-communicate, and learn to laugh at the madness.

Venus Retrograde


Ah, Venus, The Goddess of Love. How gracefully and diplomatically she influences our love affairs.

But every 18 months when she stations retrograde, old lovers will rise from the ashes, or at the very least their memories will. Think of it as the past masquerading as the present. Old fears, old patterns, and literally old lovers are here to teach us what we have yet to learn.

Notice the "re" in retrograde. It is time to revisit, repair, and restore our love life.

Mars Retrograde


Mars rules energy and action. Where does our anger, our drive, and our assertion go when Mars is retrograde?

It goes inward. It is asking us to evaluate if our instincts and actions are effective.

Want to master Mars in Retrograde? Review yourself and your work. And make sure, to be honest and thorough in your self-evaluation.