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Libra, The Scales


Dates: September 23—October 22

Modality: Cardinal
Element: Air
Ruler: Venus
Season: Fall
Metal: Copper
Stone: Diamond
Color: Pink
Anatomy: Kidneys

Ah, Libra. What a breath of fresh air. How you float through life so gracefully and diplomatically. You were born to keep justice and peace in this world. You can always see both sides of any argument but are astrologically prone to indecision. How cute. 

Fair. Elegant. Likable.

Indecisive. Respectful.

Social butterfly. Artist.  

If you love a Libra, you must value them for their ability to see both sides to any argument. Libra’s are the checks and balances of astrology. It is not their goal to fight blindly for their home team—it is their goal to fight for justice of all kinds.


The 3 Decanates of Libra

Say what? Yes, the exact day of the month does effect what kind of Libra you are.

Each Sun Sign is broken up into 3 Decanates, that each ecompass 10 degrees (or 10 days) of the 30 in that zodiac.

Each decanate gives a unique spin on the Sun Sign. 

The 1st Decanate | September 23—October 2

This is a beautiful and luxurious Libra, who has no issue enjoying the finer things in life. You are no doubt a charming and popular person and are never at a loss for friends.



With your natural beauty and charm comes a lot of attention from others. You may put too much weight in others opinions of you, and it can feel like your self-esteem is dependent on others acceptance of who you are.

The trick will be learning how to validate yourself, rather than seeking out validation from others.

The 2nd Decanate | October 3—13

This is a Libra that knows how to make an idea both effective and beautiful. It is an interesting combination of innovation and social grace. You have a highly original artistic style.



Your subruler is Uranus, the Ruler of Innovation. You are independent in your thinking, despite your need for companionship. 

The trick will be learning how to balance your need for partnership while maintaining your unique perspective and drive.

The 3rd Decanate | October 14—22

This is a highly logical, and highly likable Libra. You have a quick mind, and use it to deal with the public in a fair and diplomatic manner. You would be well suited for PR or a public facing role yourself. 



Think of it as a Libra with a hint of Gemini, our communicator. You enjoy digging through information and coming out with a balanced and reasonable conclusion for others to understand.

In personal relationships, however, you aren't as clear as you think with your head before your heart. Others can feel emotionally isolated with you, so the trick will be learning to share your true feelings with your lover.