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Capricorn, The Goat


Dates: December 22—January 19

Modality: Cardinal
Element: Earth
Ruler: Saturn
Season: Winter
Metal: Lead
Stone: Amber
Color: Brown
Anatomy: The skeleton

My mountain goat. My sturdy competitor. How you have systematically and methodically climbed up the ladder of life. With hard work. With perseverance. With integrity. Nothing worth having comes easy.

Disciplined. Grounded. Consistent.

Deadpan. American-Psycho. Wise.

If you love a Capricorn, you must value their work ethic. In their job. In their relationships. In their goals. These are reliable folk. They aren’t here to mess around. But let’s try to make them laugh and forget, even for a second, about all of the things they have to get done.


The 3 Decanates of Capricorn

Say what? Yes, the exact day of the month does effect what kind of Capricorn you are.

Each Sun Sign is broken up into 3 Decanates, that each ecompass 10 degrees (or 10 days) of the 30 in that zodiac.

Each decanate gives a unique spin on the Sun Sign. 

The 1st Decanate | December 22—January 1

This is a Capricorn who has been able to or has, handled the responsibility of an adult since they were born. You are able to self-manage, and manager others, in a way that is highly effective and sustainable.



Your ruler and your subruler are both Saturn, the Great Teacher. You do not fear a challenge or hard work. If you are given a task you will always complete it, from start to finish.

The trick will be learning how to separate your ambition from your personal life. Leave room for pleasure and laughter and fun.

The 2nd Decanate | January 1—10

This is a more gentle Capricorn. You are more warm and soft than most Capricorns. You are a very devoted lover and friend, and take relationships very seriously. 



Just like all Capricorns, you value hard work and are practical in your approach to checking things off your to-do list. However you also love to explore new subjects, and travel whenever you have the chance.

Despite your devotion to your loved ones, you still keep them at an emotional distance that allows you to maintain control. The trick will be learning how to break open your emotions and trust others to hold them with kindness.

The 3rd Decanate | January 11—19

This is Capricorn that can flex. You can be hardworking, diligent, and disciplined while simultaneously being witty, dreamy, and artistic. You are not just one thing, that's for sure.



Think of it as a Capricorn with a twist of Gemini. You can adapt easily to any situation and "flex" yourself to fit others needs. This is highly powerful and bodes well for your relationships and career. 

The trick will be learning how to fulfill your needs. You are highly adept at filling others. But it will be important work to learn how to prioritize yourself.