What is a natal chart?

The Natal Chart, also known as the Birth Chart, is a picture of the sky and the planets at play the moment you were born. It provides a roadmap to understanding how you became you. It explains your personality, dreams, hopes, desires and the future. It will tap into your greatest strengths, weaknesses, and all of the hidden talent that you can access with awareness.

Why should I look up my chart?

Let's say you're an Aries and you meet another Aries...but you couldn't be more different. That is where your chart comes in. They could be an Aries with a Virgo rising, making them much more reserved and shy than you. You could be an Aries with a Leo Moon, making you much more creative than the average Aries. No person is as simple as one sign. Your chart is your unique astrological thumbprint.

What information do i need to access my chart?

  1. Your date of birth including the year

  2. The exact time of you were born

  3. The city of the hospital you were born in


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