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Aries, The Ram

Dates: March 20—April 19

Modality: Cardinal

Element: Fire

Ruler: Mars

Season: Spring

Metal: Iron

Stone: Amethyst

Color: Red

Anatomy: Head & face

You’re the first zodiac. You’re the leader. You know this. You used to completely cannibalize group projects with your ideas. You have learned with age that you are best when you’re the manager, not the managee. You will most likely start your own business.

Powerful. First. Boss. 

Innovator.  Know-It-All.


If you love an Aries, you must value them for their unwavering ability to take on the next hardest thing. These are not complacent people, people! They will not likely kick their feet up and watch Sunday baseball. They were more than likely a CEO in a past life, and they would like to be treated as such, thank you very much. Let them innovate—they are here to leave their mark on the world.


The 3 Decanates of Aries

Say what? Yes, the exact day of the month does effect what kind of Aries you are. Each Sun Sign is broken up into 3 Decanates, that each ecompass 10 degrees (or 10 days) of the 30 in that zodiac. Each decanate gives a unique spin on the Sun Sign. 

The 1st Decanate | March 21—31

This is an Aries with extra life force. Extra fire. Extra impact. Some may find you domineering, knowing that by sheer force of will you will win any argument or competition.

Subruler: Mars

Your ruler and your subruler are both Mars, the God of War. It may feel as though you were put on this earth to battle. You are always prepared for war. Prepared to defend. You are always armed and ready. 

The trick will be learning how and when to stop. Learning what your limits are. Learning how to slow down. We all need rest. You know how to fight a war, but you must learn how to find peace.

The 2nd Decanate | April 1—10

This is an Aries with extra light and pride. Think of it as an Aries with a splash of Leo. You love change. You are easily excited about life and its adventures. And you love your people.

Subruler: The Sun

Your subruler is The Sun. This allows you to kick your feet up and enjoy life a bit easier than other Aries. You know how to have your cake and eat it too. You are a glass-half-full Aries. What a joy!

The trick will be learning how to limit your indulgences. With your natural intensity and fire, you may be prone to overspending or overeating. 

The 3rd Decanate | April 11—19

This is an Aries that needs room to expand. To run free. You like to see the bigger picture, not fixating on the granular details in life and winging most days with ease. 

Subruler: Jupiter

Think of it as an Aries with a hint of Sagittarius. You more than likely live nowhere near where you grew up. You probably have a travel bug that is hard to ignore. You probably have an insatiable desire to continue learning and expanding your knowledge and belief system at all times.

The trick will be learning how to control your need to constantly expand. With your powerful Aries nature, it is important, at times, to hunker down and do the hard work that isn't so fun.