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Aquarius, The Water Bearer


Dates: January 20—February 18

Modality: Fixed
Element: Air
Ruler: Uranus
Season: Winter
Metal: Uranium
Stone: Amethyst
Color: Sky Blue
Anatomy: Ankles

My little Rebel! You were shopping at Hot Topic years before everyone else. You introduced your friends to Twin Peaks. You simultaneously crave and despise human interaction.

Inventive. Independent.

Cool-kid. Weirdo. Original.

People Person. Detached.

If you love an Aquarius, you must value their independence. They do not want to be owned. Nor do they want to own you.They have a deep need for personal freedom, and they will give you the same back.


The 3 Decanates of Aquarius

Say what? Yes, the exact day of the month does effect what kind of Aquarius you are.

Each Sun Sign is broken up into 3 Decanates, that each ecompass 10 degrees (or 10 days) of the 30 in that zodiac.

Each decanate gives a unique spin on the Sun Sign. 

The 1st Decanate | January 20—29

This is a witty Aquarius. You may have been telling jokes and stories well beyond your years since you could talk. Your sharp mind allows you to jump over (or go around) any hurdles that may be in your way.



Your ruler and your subruler are both Uranus, the Ruler of Innovation. It may feel as though you were put on this earth to invent. You think 100 years ahead of the rest of the world, so inventing seems fit! 

The trick will be learning how to accept human emotion, rather than rationalizing your way of out of it. True emotion and true heart is not another obstacle that your wit can save you from.

The 2nd Decanate | January 30—February 8

This is an Aquarius who knows how to speak the truth. You have a warmth about you that allows others to easily accept this honesty. It shows them that they can depend on you.



Your subruler is Mercury, the Ruler of Communication. You may love to write and speak more than the average Aquarius. You like to learn simply for the sake of learning.

The trick will be learning how to rely on others. You are so self-sufficient that is may be hard to justify bestowing this kind of trust in someone. But it is key to the kind of all-consuming love you desire.

The 3rd Decanate | february 9—18

This is an Aquarius that really cares about people. You are not as "detached" as the average Aquarius. You feel comfortable and able to give yourself to another person. And a cause. 



Think of it as a romantic Aquarius. You love beautiful things. Beautiful people. Beautiful surroundings. You pride yourself on having a beautiful life.

Be careful not to lose yourself to a cause or person. Remember at the heart of things you are an independent Aquarian who, no matters what people say, will always be authentic.